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Name:Curtis Adam Harvey
Birthdate:Aug 17
Curtis Adam Harvey was the second child born to young mother, Susannah, who was 20 at the time of his birth. The first was given up for adoption, being born when she was only fifteen, and Curtis was the result of a relationship between his mom and a drifter whose first name she gave to their son. Susannah thought she could get her baby's father to stay with her, but in the end, he couldn't have been fucked with being with her or their son, and he once again went on the road. Other than his father's first name, and a few random times seeing him or receiving birthday cards from him from every few birthdays, he grew up with an almost nonexistent relationship with the man, and as he got older, he realized he didn't really want one anyway.

Susannah would go on to have two more children, another boy and a girl, by two different men in a desperate attempt to find love and acceptance, and to give Curtis a father in his life, but constantly seeing the men in his life leave and move on was hardly the education in being a man that he really needed. As a result, Curtis grew up surly and sometimes even cruel, picking on the kids who were smaller than him, and as he got into junior high and high school, working out and playing sports to the point that most of the kids were smaller than him. By his sophomore year of high school, he was the starting running back on the high school football team, and nobody touched him. Still, he managed to constantly be in trouble, nearly losing his spot on the team several times for his bad behavior in class. Despite the trouble he got into in school, he proved to be quite the ladies' man, and slept with pretty much the entire cheerleading squad (and half the volleyball team) before graduation.

However, there was one thing that he did take very seriously -- though not at first -- and that was his grades. When he first started high school, and even somewhat in junior high, Curtis was far too busy chasing ass and playing sports to be bothered with his classes. But that was before the day his own mother looked at him with shame in her eyes and said he'd never amount to anything, just like his pathetic father. Those words obviously stung, and while he kept his focus on sports, and remained very much one of the popular kids, he became studious in an in-the-closet sort of way, determined that, one way or another, he was going to make something of himself.

The summer between his sophomore and junior years, Curtis watched his mother struggle even harder than before with finances when his little sister's dad stopped paying child support. It was only with the help of an excellent attorney that their family was able to find him and make him start his payments back up, and Curtis never forgot how gracious and helpful the lawyer was to his mother, but absolutely cutthroat in the courtroom. So without telling anyone, that's what he decided he was going to do. Become a lawyer, and specialize in family law.

And that he very much did. After graduation, he went on to college, pre-Law, and it was there that he met Dani Lorenzi. The pair were classmates, and she was unlike anyone he'd ever met before. And for a guy who was used to, at least in high school, fucking anything and everything, and most commonly, the really ditzy blonde type, there was something about the dark haired, brown eyed, half Italian pre-Law student that absolutely stopped him in his tracks. And as they studied together, Curtis fell head over heels in love with her, but he never told her. He knew how much her dreams and her career meant to her, and he didn't want to be the one to make it confusing or difficult. But one night, near the end of their college years, Curtis and Dani were studying for one of their finals, and something of an unexpected spark struck up between them out of nowhere. Curtis can't even remember who kissed whom first, but they ended up in Dani's bed in what would turn out to be a one night stand. And not long after that, they graduated and he never saw or heard from Dani again, very much leaving him with the feeling that she was the one that got away.

At least until after he graduated from Columbia Law, and joined the ranks of Mark Campbell's law firm. A few years later, Dani moved to Manhattan from Boston to work alongside them, and since her arrival, Curtis has been wondering if maybe, just maybe, this would be his chance to get things right this time with a woman that he loves.
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